Akina bio

Akina bio

Hafa Adai!

I'm Akina, a writer roaming around the world uncovering one cafe at a time. In 2018, I bought a ticket to Bali in order to pursue my dream of working remotely while "finding" the hidden nooks and treasures of the world โ€“ including within myself.

For those who are curious, Finding Fifth came to me when I was attending the University of San Francisco in 2012. I lived on 5th Ave. and was in the heart of what felt like a magical street with endless restaurants, whimsical cafes, a cozy bookstore, and hip bars. At that moment, 5th Ave. was my version of Narnia and since then, I've been inspired to uncover all the other hidden treasures around the world.

The ideas for Finding Fith has then evolved into a platform encompassing these five beautiful aspects of life: nourishment, adventure, awareness, community, and inspiration.

If you would love to share your favorite places in the world or be a part of the Dear Gorgeous tribe, don't hesitate to drop a line!

Much love from my world to yours,