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Life is in constant motion 
And you are always in control 
Even when you may feel lost. 

I didn’t know my life’s purpose and it frustrated me. 

While all my peers were excelling in their careers, getting married, and building a life of which I thought I would have been doing at the age of 27 – I had no career, no direction, and no fire within me. So in 2018 I got desperate, and with that desperation I decided to go on an adventure of a lifetime by moving to the magical paradise of Bali in search for that purpose. 

Yet, in the mist of all the beautiful greenery and the calmness that surrounded me, I still felt empty and it was an emptiness that I couldn’t quite explain. There were so many thoughts running through my mind as to why that lightbulb didn’t click and it had seemed like I was running in circles almost mindlessly.

The answer was simple – no external place, person, or thing could ever fill you soul because a soul is not mean to be fueled by such things. 

So how did I find my purpose? 

My mentor and father had such a way of speaking with the universe and I was always intrigued by the way he would converse with it. With that, he had told me there is a silver lining in all the things I did not see before me. 

My dad passed away later that year and that was when I saw that silver lining. I changed my perspective and instead of finding my life’s purpose, I found my life’s mantra. Since finding that one mantra, I found multiple of purposes.

“To live with intention, and to strive for deeper connections and more authentic human connectivity.” 

Since finding my mantra 

  • I became a regular contributor for 

  • I run – a travel and mindful blog focusing the five values I hold dear to me – awareness, community, adventure, nourishment, and inspiration

  • I am the co-founder of Collective Culture – a video platform inspiring others to find their “why.”

  • I co-host a podcast called, “Dear Gorgeous” – a podcast of inspiring women in the Western Pacific region as we discuss how to feel empowered in your mind, body, and soul. 

How does Creating Waves Work? 

During your season (3-month period), I’ll create a program to help you find your purpose and begin crossing off those things on your bucketlist.

  • 1 Hour Discovery Call – honing in on what’s been working/not working, where you feel you are currently in life, and how to get you back on track. In the meantime, check out this article and see if it resonates.

  • Weekly 1:1 sessions on a specific Life Area. 

  • Free copy of Creative Waves workbook. 

  • Tangible working steps after each call. 

  • Flexibility – this program is all about you. Growth happens at your time.

We are all made of the same molecules and DNA, and there is no reason why we are all not meant to do great things in our lives

It’s about creating those waves in your life.

Have some questions? Let’s schedule a virtual coffee date.

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